Colapso Colateral - Colateral Collapse

Technique: three children drum sets, speaker cones, audio cable, computer, audio card and 3 stereo amplifiers.



2011 – Non Compus Menti, León Guanajuato. Mexico.


In Colapso Colateral, I am making a metaphor with three kid drum sets where all their individual and disaggregated elements are trying to escape from something. Due to an irrational fear, they find themselves into a grate collapse into the corner of the museum or gallery space (in the first presentation, due to the curator, I was not allowed to install the work in a corner, because they wanted my piece to be the center of the exhibition, I hope to install the piece correctly in the next show).

These baby drums represents us, ordinary Mexicans, but they specifically stand for our innocent and fragile spirit devastated by the Narco and Mafia violence that we are suffering all over the country. These drums react when people get near to them thanks to a sensor, and they respond with fast and frenetic sounds that come out of their skins (the drum skins are vibrated by speaker cones that feed specific sine waves into them). In a way, these sounds represent their all messed up nervous system, sicken by the insecurity caused by their fucked up habitat, the country where we leave and where we cant foresee future possible solutions to this sickening cancer. The only possible solution or result to this situation is fear, so this installation is mainly about this fear manifestation also reflected by the world global economic crisis that we suffer presently.

Note: A proximity sensor is used, so that when someone approaches the drume sets they emit sound.