photograpy taken by Graciela Iturbide


This is a sound action for 6 amplified hair cutters (amplified through 6 different speakers disposed in a big circle) cutting hair during one and a half hour to any voluntary from the assisting public.The idea came after traveling to India in 1998 where I found in different cities, hair cutters working on central plazas, in the streets, etc. Later onr in Vietnam in 2001 I also found hair cutters in the streets. It was very impressing for me to listen to the different hair cutting sounds, going very fast and changing rhythms in different ways, it sounded like a new kind of birds or flying insects. The idea of this sound action is to spatialize the sounds of the 6 amplified barbers, and to bring these sounds to the realm of these new invented flying creatures that cross the space from one place to the other. I created a MAX-MSP patch in order to improvise the spatialization.



Corte de Pelo. Ex-Teresa Museum, March 10 2006.