Nakshatra Ahoratram Raags

Technique: 3 pairs of Indian Tabla Drums. 3 itune players, 6 Relays. Audio Cable.

2013  - An Antipode So Close.. Collective exhibition at Vedhera Gallery. New Delhi, India. Curator: Julia Villaseñor Bell.


One Indian sidereal day of soundscape recordings that play three Tablas with six electronic relays. December 2013. Grater Kailash, New Delhi INDIA.Tabla No.1: Morning Raags, Tabla No.2: Afternoon Raags, Tabla No. 3: Night Raags.

Three pairs of Indian Tablas, a beautiful instrument that I admire but never learned to play. But now, I am playing it, or rather, the daily sounds from New Delhi are playing them. Recordings of soundscapes at different times of the day were conformed into three-day periods, morning ragas, afternoon ragas and night ragas. The sounds travel as a solar clock, and two of the drums are oriented East-West, marking a sidereal day. The recorded soundscapes were frequency shifted towards very low frequencies, converting them into rhythmic patterns. A compass is in the center marking the orientation axes so important in ancient Indian Cosmogony. The sound scopes were recorder in Grater Kailash, the neighborhood where I lived the past 5 days, from my terrace. The drums are played with little electronic devices called relays, converting them into mini percussion instruments.


Nakshatra Ahoratram Raags Video

Nakshatra Ahoratram Raags. An Antopode So Close. Vadhera Gallery. New Dheli India.